Monday, October 15, 2018

Increase Marketing ROI with Video

Today's blog is a video about how you can increase your marketing roi using video.

Video is cool because it can engage prospects faster and more easily, and rank better than a standard blog.

Check it out below:

Friday, October 5, 2018

The 2 Videos Every Attorney Needs To Make - Tampa Online Marketing

What are the most important videos attorneys can make?

These are the foundation to video marketing for a firm.

If you want to be know as THE attorney to talk to in the Tampa Bay area, you need to watch this video.

If you want to connect with better client prospects, you need to watch this video.

CONTACT ME if you would like more information on videos for your firm, no matter what size or specialty. Fill out the short for and I'll call you to set up a time to talk in person.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Tampa SEO is Not Tampa SEO – a heartbreaking story - Tampa Online Marketing

I was heartbroken when just talked to two prospective customers who had been paying $500 and $700 a month for “SEO services” and essentially got an article, a link, and a ranking report for what they paid. They had just cancelled after 6 and 8 months and had seen no improvement in their rankings (they are in the legal space). They basically received about $50 worth of value each month for what they paid (the articles sucked).

This is not their fault.  It’s the fault of the so-called “industry”.

I looked at their sales material, and boy it was slick. Their website really pushed how they were part of a bigger company so how could they go wrong. Then I looked at their contract… It made me mad how small businesses could be taken advantage of.

The response to these folks when they finally called when their 6 month contract was up and wanted to know why they had gotten no movement? “Hey, you are in a really competitive space (no duh), you should go with our package that will help… it’s only $999 a month”. And you need a new website, it’s only $995.

This would essentially be more of the same for another 6 months. However, they would rather take the companies’ money rather than doing a real evaluation of what it would take to rank properly, where (or if) you would see online ROI for your specific business, and what a real plan for establishing authority online would be.

I was just in a roundtable a few days ago and it dawned on me that when business owners talk about SEO, they are not really talking about SEO.

SEO means optimizing a website or online entity so that the parts are all recognizable by the search engines.

Content marketing, or what I call “Authority marketing”, is producing things that get the attention of the search engines and prospective visitors to your online entity.

Most “SEO Companies” simply do the first part, then charge you for what resembles an effective authority marketing plan as a cherry on top so they can keep billing you.

I know I’m getting on my soapbox here, but it needs to be said again… Cheap “SEO” will hurt your business, will not get you results, and will ultimately sour you on paying people to help you get attention online.

The online world is a different place than just a few years ago. EVERYONE that is serious about their business has a website. EVERYONE who is ranking online in whatever space your business is in IS DOING online marketing. They either pay for it or they have a full time person working for them making a decent salary (average marketing director for a small company in Tampa, $62,000).

IF you are going to compete and want real leads from your online presence, a couple hundred dollars a month is fantasy.

If you deal with anyone who wants to help you with your online business, they should be asking questions about your business, have an NDA signed to hand you (that says they won’t tell anyone your secrets), be talking about a “system” instead of a magic bullet (like only doing one thing, like Facebook ads), be upfront with you about the costs involved for your particular business, and you should be looking at hiring an agency like hiring an employee (in both fit with you, and investment).

If you want to chat about your company, I’d love to help. Call me at 813-200-8795 and ask for Erik.


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

New Podcast Corporate Charity Ideas - Tampa Online Marketing







Transcript of Podcast:

Companies engage in corporate philanthropy for a variety of reasons, including a desire to build an image as a company that cares and gives back. Some give to impact the social issues that affect business, such as health and transportation, or to encourage social change. Many view corporate philanthropy as an important element of social responsibility. Although many large corporations simply donate money to causes or charities, corporate philanthropy can take a more hands-on approach for small businesses.


Organize event days where employees can earn comp days for helping out. Get everyone t-shirts to wear and make it an event. Seven out of ten co mpanies that provide charity support offer paid time-exchanges. This is a great way to foster team building. If you are a sales organization, and you have enough people, you can even create competitions for help (most boxes boxed, etc). Expect about 30% of your organization to participate. If you get to 50% participation, you are in the top engagement tier.

Employee Giving campaigns

If you have a larger organization, you can arrange corporate giving programs. Make it easy for employees to give.
One of the first rules when it comes to holding a successful workplace giving campaign or fundraiser is to make it fun. How do you do that? Host a kick-off party, charity fair, or similar type of networking event.
Create a theme and get the boss involved. The upper management needs to be the evangelist in this case.
Keep it up and have regular events like pizza.
Sponsor “paid” casual days, “paid” days off and even “paid” breaks. There are many employees who would love to give yo u some money for extra family time or to leave early around holidays to get some shopping done. There are also employees who would love to unwind for an hour with a video game.
Make sure that when employees take advantage of these, that their managers not only embrace but celebrate their contributions. Th e email should read, “Hey, Jenny is out for the rest of the day paddle boarding for her contribution of $20, woo hoo!”. You also must realize that these contributions may not actually cover their pay, so work with your hr and accounting to track these hours so you could deduct them as charitable contributions. Additionally, doing this allows you to say you gave x number of dollars and include the salaries in the total, making you a boss in your community for giving lots.

Organize charity events

This is one where you don’t have to go it alone. If y ou are in a chamber, work with them. If you are in any business groups, they are a great resource. Do some searches on whatever type of charity you want to support and results will pop up with organizations that list contributors. Reach out and see how everyone can help together.
Charity auctions and special events are great money raisers with many places offering up their services free for mentions and promotion.

Donate Technology

Have computers that need updating, donate the old ones. Have your IT person help set them up on the clock. It’s all deductible. One computer can make a lot of difference. Maybe you even purchase some inexpensive computers and donate those. Remember, it is deductible.

Local Grant Programs

If you don’t have a huge staff, you may want to look into a grant program. Small businesses also can design grant programs in communities where they have business locations. Local grant programs let companies target specific needs in their communities or focus on issues of interest to the business owners. The corporation establishes eligibility criteria, grant limits, focus areas, application periods and deadlines. A committee of employees and community representatives reviews grant requests and make decisions. The corporation can operate the program itself or have a charitable trust fund with a local community foundation manage the fund and administer the grant program.donation

Being involved with your community is critical to your business. If your community improves, so do your prospects for clients!
Our marketing firm donates 10% of all profits to organizations that support mental health initiatives for kids and veterans.
What can you do for your community?

Tampa Charities and Why We Give – Hint: It’s Not Charity - Tampa Online Marketing

In Tampa, Charity is thrown around as a word a little loosely.

businesses that give to charity in tampaWe donate 10% of all our profits to "charities" around the Tampa Area. However, we feel that the word charity lessens the value of the organizations that do the hard work of helping other.

Charity it somehow optional, but the work helping organizations do is critical to the health of our surrounding communities.

This summer we sponsored a mental health facility that held a summer camp for kids with issues that didn't afford them the ability of attending a "regular" camp. This camp had all the stuff that summer camps do; games, water, fun, kids running around. GracePoint helps kids live better lives.

As a business, when you give back to your community, you not only help others, but let the community know what you care about and what you support.

This can often help others understand who you really are.

I have some clients who are about the most aggressive attorneys you can meet, yet the charities they give to illustrate just how big their hearts are and how much they are committed to the community.

If you have a business, helping others can be a great way of bringing teams together. There's nothing like showing your staff and others you are putting your money where your mouth is by having them take a paid weekday and get out and help others in need (oh yea, their salaries for the day are likely tax deductible as part of your contribution as well).

help tampa mental healthAs an organization, we stand for fairness and compassion in our community. We support mental health initiatives, especially for kids. We support the LGBTQ community and their initiatives. We support our veterans both in uniform and after service. We support working towards ending the elements that drive homelessness.

Our efforts are not just support, we've given up weekends, nights and written checks. We've marched, we've attended memorials, and we've organized events to help organizations.

If you would like help with your organization, please contact us and let's chat.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Video SEO Can Give Small Businesses An Edge - Tampa Online Marketing

Many of us in the online video advertising space have been encouraging small businesses to deploy video to stand out in search results and level the playing field with larger competitors. Some colleagues and I have been working with select clients to test, learn, test again, and learn again from placing video in search and other distribution points. The early learnings have been interesting and reinforced some tips outlined further below.

Big picture search marketing that leverages video will be among the most effective ways to market, specifically when video gets decent placement in search results and can show that it drives action.

Video SEO in Tampa Florida

Let’s take a look at a video seo test case:

For several months, one law firm we work with has been testing video on the agency’s web site, in ad networks, and in both search engine marketing and organic video search.

For some FAQ videos on the agency’s web site, we’ve seen views-to-impressions ratios as high as 70% and conversions to consultations of almost 40%. We believe these amazing ratios reflect the value of keeping video relevant to what viewers expect to see when they view it.

On Google local search (like what you would type in from your phone-where Google knows your location), the law firm videos have achieved six of the top ten video search returns on some pretty broad search terms related to their specialty in their market. Pretty impressive results, considering the cost per click in their local sector ranges from $8 - $61.

However, when you type the same broad search terms in Google universal search, the agency’s videos appear on the sixth search engine results page—as the 45th result. Results, on universal search, of course vary based on a number of factors, including the tags, keyword competitiveness, and in paid search, the bid.

What does it all mean to small businesses or local law firms? We believe it signifies both the promise of online video and the still-early nature of video used in organic search.

Some video-related tips to keep in mind in 2018

Relevance is key. We’ve said it before—it’s all about relevance. The higher the relevance of the video to the information that surrounds it, the better the results.

Use focused keywords. The tighter, the better. For the attorney, we can track what keywords people type to locate video ads. We’ve seen specific questions, called “long tail” terms like “how do I stop my ex from getting visitation” return video ad landing pages toward the top of universal search results pages.

Create useful content. We are often asked, “How long should a video be?” We have deployed video ads for a number of clients and are finding that viewers watch an average of 70% of an ad, regardless of video length. If content is useful, people will watch it.

Some video-related things to avoid:

Redundant multiple postings. Posting to every video sharing site does not necessarily result in higher placement on search engine results pages. This makes sense, because video search sites don’t want a high duplication of results in their returns. Several months ago, we would see our client’s videos “stacked” on search engine results pages because of all the sites to which we’d submitted. We’re seeing less of that today.

Irrelevant content. Get to the point. The more targeted the keywords, the more focused the video must be. We have seen that less relevant videos tend to lose viewers in the early part of the video – often with high abandonment at the less than 10% of video mark. We often help clients with scripts to “re-arrange” what is said and see viewing improvements.

Online video is still very new and its power in search is still based on the promise of both the discoverability of the video and what happens when someone sees the video. In the early stages of a medium that holds so much promise for marketers, it’s most important to test, test, test and learn, learn, learn. The search algorithms are constantly changing and, consequently, so is the game. But advertisers who stay true to consumers are bound to come out on top.

If you would like a free strategy session to talk about if video might work for your Tampa Bay business, contact us here!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

5 Videos You Can Make Right Now - Tampa Online Marketing

You might think you have a business that doesn't lend itself to making videos. You might say, "my business is pretty boring so I can't use video". Not true!

You likely can make some great videos, but just need some ideas on how to translate your type of business to what people want to see.

This week's podcast features 5 types of videos you can create that will make your business pop!